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How to find a Top-rated Cameroon HR Job Placement Agency

When selecting a HR service company or local staffing company in Cameroon there are a couple of important things to consider. First of all, there is a plethora of staffing companies in Cameroon. The major problem in selecting a staffing solution provider is that they operate at different degrees of compliance and quality assurance. To be amongst the best, the provider must be an accredited HR solutions provider, an organization must be approved by both the Ministry of Labour and Employment and in our specific case by the Ministry of Transport for seafaring and maritime logistics industries.

Critically, the requirement for effective and efficient communication in English compounds the selection process in Cameroon and the rest of the Economic and Monetary Community for Central Africa (CEMAC) member countries made up Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Tchad, Central African Republic, and Equatorial Guinea. Moreso, ascertaining that the selected staffing agency operates on international best practices like ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, and the International Labour Organization’s Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 amongst others which ensures the selected staffing agency operates within internationally certified processes with quality assurance and risk mindset processes established, corrective action system, internal audits, and management reviews certified by an international accredited Registrar of ISO quality management systems like DNV, TUV, BSI, IRCLASS, etc..

To be certain that the selected staffing service complies with international best practice ISO standards, the following criteria can be applied:

The selected HR company meets the legal requirements: In order for personnel service providers in Cameroon to be able to employ their employees in assignment companies, they need a temporary worker permit licence by the Labour Department of the Ministry of Employment and Labour in Cameroon. This ensures services are provided based on the current Cameroon Employment Act including standardized employment contracting, rights for temporary workers, adherence to equal employment and diversity regulations, or standardized processes for guaranteed arbitration.

The Staffing service provider is a member of one of the major Work associations in Cameroon. Personnel service providers in Cameroon who are members of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (UK) for seafaring employment, automatically commit themselves to the code of ethics with their membership. Approved staffing companies in Cameroon bind themselves to the provisions of the labor laws and relevant sectorial codes and per se guarantee corresponding minimum wages, decent workplace, and inclusiveness policies.

The application process is professional: A good employment agency in Cameroon handles application documents with care and treats applicants with respect. For example, competent contact persons do not ask applicants inadmissible questions in the interview and allow them enough time to read a permanent employment contract prior to signature. The contact person of necessity clarifies questions about customer operations and the expected activities.

Best Choice staffing services are ISO certified with their services. Lookout for certifications like ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard certificates for general labour, and MLC 2006 as revised certification for seafaring and maritime logistics staffing solutions, which ensure all operational staffing processes are executed within best practice and international continuous improvement requirements as the foundation of every offer.

The service provider has many years of experience: If a staffing service provider has many years of experience in the industry, this can be an indication of quality: it has held its own in the market for a long time and seems to provide quality services.

The company may offer additional benefits: Some employment agencies offer additional benefits, such as a company pension plan and further training opportunities. Usually, these agencies treat their staff with ethical standards and dignity, outstanding employment benefits, and other services which make them steer clear of the competition.

A great example where all these criteria are summarized in an accredited Cameroonian staffing service company is NGA Marine Services Ltd. with its headquarters in Douala, Cameroon. NGA Marine Services Ltd. is well known in the industry as one of the leading Marine Service solution companies in West Africa, providing all levels of maritime support management services for the oil and gas industry, ordinary port, supply chain, and shipping industry operations.

As one of the first HR Staffing companies in West Africa, NGA Marine Services Ltd. has been awarded the coveted international ISO 9001:2015 Management System certification for their HR Staffing services from the International Organization for Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland. The Company has successfully undergone a series of 3rd-Party Registrar audits in April 2023 resulting in earning an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification status.

The scope of the certification includes the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (“MLC 2006), as well as all skilled human resource staffing management services ranging from shore-based support staff, shipboard operational staff from ratings to officers, upstream oil & gas operations and management personnel as well as other supply chain support services for the West African region, including experienced on-time placement staffing service management for all international industry customers from its Douala, Cameroon based Headquarter, servicing the entire West African sub-region. The certification audits were conducted by the worldwide accredited external auditing firm IRCLASS Limited.

ISO is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards and its stringent criteria are recognized worldwide. Its published ISO 9001:2015 requirements are among the strictest of the approximately 13,000 standards established by ISO and serve as a model for quality assurance, safety, and environmental aspects in all facets of international business providing benefits and greater value to customers.

Walking the path to excellence, NGA Marine Services belongs also to the first companies in the history of Cameroon’s staffing companies, that seriously invested in equality. With their commitment to gender equality in the African workforce, the company hopes to inspire others in the country to forge ahead with actions to invest and advance ‘Gender Equality’ as a major priority for society, and our customers. We confidently see ourselves as role models, creating pathways for African women to cast off stereotypes into better-paid and more fulfilling jobs.

NGA Marine Services LTD as one of the leading providers in West Africa for Marine Service Logistics management support with highly professional on-time staffing services expertise for the West African region is therefore able to provide customers high quality and competitive maritime staffing service solutions. In addition to direct staffing solutions, Ship management, Port Agency services, Ship Husbandry Services, Vessel chartering & Management Services, Commodity Brokerage, and Crewing Services are amongst the full-service agency capabilities of the Douala, Cameroon-based company.

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