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Port Agency Services

Port Agency Services


Widely acknowledged in the shipping fraternity as the most ungrateful part of the shipping business service spectrum because the agent produces and delivers the service directly to the ship whilst it arrives, stays and departs from the port, our port agency staff turns every encounter with a ship consigned to us into a memorable experience for owners, charterers, ship’s crew and all shore base stakeholders. This dynamic is created and sustained on four main pillars: attention to detail and follow up actions, deploying state of the art IT solutions in reporting real time to owners/charterers, full compliance to local and international anti-corruption legislation and practices such as the US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act or other such enactments and parental like care of the ship’s crew.


Armed with these key performance indicators for the most, we are fully conscious of the fact that our customers are looking for an integrated port agency solution. Our response consists in building a network of owned organisations or integrating trusted partnerships or serving as footprints to world leaders who are keen on developing local expertise. Whatever the type of fixture you are trying to conclude or ship type you are sending forth, we owe you a fiduciary responsibility to provide timely resources for you to make competent decisions. Wherever and whenever you partner with us, we are on oath that your business shall be conducted without infringing on any of the principles alluded to above to the extent that we shall rescind an otherwise lucrative appointment.

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