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NGA Marine Services Ltd.
Our Story


For well over 25 years, NGA Marine Services LTD has sourced, trained, deployed and managed from its headquarter offices in Douala, Cameroon, the careers of thousands of seafarers serving aboard ship in the seven seas and oceans globally in all ranks. It takes conviction and resilience to trust in mankind’s limitless ingenuity and ability to do good is given the appropriate environment to accomplish such a feat. More so in an age where industry 4.0, machine learning and other revolutionary technological changes makes of the shipping and its affiliate industries truly global in a local setting wherever you are. 

NGA Marine Services LTD leadership and management has a unique combination of seafaring shipboard operational skills, depth of experience, culturally adaptable and solidly rested on the highest international training and certification standards obtained from the reputable colleges, tertiary institutions and trade skill building centres worldwide. 

Going by the foregone, whenever you decide to join NGA Marine Services LTD as suite of valued customers, employees, or down or up-stream supply chain partners, our greatest drive will be to build trusting partnerships with you, jointly manage costs not as a survival strategy but as an enabler to your requirements for everyday low cost but on high value within highest quality requirements. Therefore, like the Greek philosophers, whatever way you describe or qualify the word ‘Quality’, we are flexible enough to bring to your business, ‘Quality’ at its finest, to enable you focus on your core business.

Our Management Team

Gregory Alem

Gregory N. Alem, F.I.C.S 

Managing Director

NGA Marine Services Ltd.

Douala Cameroon


Mrs Forqwan A. Quinta

Mrs Forqwan A. Quinta, F.I.C.S
Commercial & Technical Director


Let’s Work Together

Boulevard du President Ahmadou Ahidjo, Douala, Cameroon

Tel: +237 2 33 42 17 61

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Tel  +237 3342 1761

Fax +237 3343 2600



Mo. to  Fr.: 7 AM - 5 PM

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