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Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Throughout the NGA Marine Services LTD network, investment in youth education, hands-on training, and certification is a non-negotiable culture.

For sea service youths, look ahead to a hilarious future with us, navigating ships globally across the seven seas. See below a fine assertion of our outstanding graduates:

Tchanda Nya Herge Synclair- Nautical Science student & Acting Chief Cadet Captain Regional Maritime University (RMU) Accra Ghana.

Brought up in a culture of hard work, loyalty to all stakeholders and the environment, we encounter a a pleased to have a fine selection of graduates who have a true spirit of teamwork and who can wait to be there aboard ships or in corporate Board rooms across the globe soon.

Backed by certified quality management systems that anchor all our potential on tomorrow’s Blue Economy. Our youth succession strategy covers all maritime business management, navigational and engineering disciplines.

For example: In the disciplines of Logistics and Supply Management, we are proud to present graduates to the industries for a bright future...

Join us now so that together we leverage our knowledge, team spirit, and descent work, in making our dream for a better come true.

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